How To Use A Blog To Enhance Your Content Marketing Strategy

If content is all-important for connecting with and engaging prospects, a blog is the ideal vehicle for disseminating that content. While everyone under the sun is fixated upon inbound marketing, content marketing strategy and content strategy, and rightly so, let us not forget that each needs a blog to breathe properly?

Yes, blogs are abused by innumerable folks who do little more than make noise. But a timely blog with consistently meaningful information is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools small and midsize businesses have at their disposal.

Sadly, too many of these businesses have begun to turn a blind ear to blogs.

Why The Cold Shoulder To Blogs

For many, the turn away from blogs is directly related to the rise of social media. Twitter and Facebook are now being used as primary storefronts for many businesses, with websites largely relegated to obscurity or ignored altogether. Other business owners are still stuck in the “I’ll-use-ads-as-the-primary-vehicle-for-connecting-with-prospects” mindset. Even with a paltry success rate, it’s what they know and feel comfortable with, so they stick with.

No matter the reason, however, the absence of a blog does more than relegate a business to second-class status. It’s akin to throwing hard-earned money away, for blogs (a) ensure you are delivering the message to the folks who truly care about your product or service; (b) are economical, requiring little more than a couple hours a week; and (c) bring prospects to your true storefront, where you can then lead them down the path from prospect to customer to satisfied brand evangelist.

Make Blogging Work For You

Getting started is simpler than you think.

  • Put yourself in your ideal customers’ shoes. Spend some time thinking about the questions your ideal consumer would have about your product or service. Create a list, and with each post, answer at least one of the questions.
  • Set yourself apart from the competition. Don’t tell prospects “We’re not like the other guys.” Show them how different you are. Include posts about important events, activities you were a part of. Maybe, you own a small-town burger joint where a couple recently got engaged after ordering your signature burger. That specific occurrence happened only at your place of business. A blog with quotes from the couple will resonate throughout the community.

If you’re serious about your business taking the next step, make blogging a part of your content marketing strategy.

(Image courtesy of Pixabay.)