My name is Ronell Smith, but it’s not about me.

That’s my thinking no matter the project I’m working on.

My goal, with regard to everything I touch, is to help others be their best and do their best.

(This /now page was inspired by the @sivers, though I borrowed the concept from @dohertyjf and @tomcritchlow.)

I currently reside outside Dallas, Texas, in an amazing town full of cool people and great schools.

I’m married to an amazing nerd (she hates when I say that) and have two incredible daughters, who I affectionately refer to as Blondies No. 1 and No. 2.

What I’m doing now:

  • Learning as much as I can about what holds businesses back—and how I can remove those obstacles
  • Writing, to share new ideas and learn from the audience
  • Webinars, geared to adding clarity to the intersection of search and content marketing
  • Presentations highlighting how brands can more successfully navigate the crowded content marketing waters
  • One-on-one coaching and consulting, regarding business strategy, content marketing and content strategy

I was born a thinker, strategist and over-analyzer, but I enjoy pouring myself into five areas of business:

  • Helping brands discern their unique marketplace opportunity
  • Teaching people how to think about their brand, the marketplace they do business in and what customers expect from both
  • Spotting business problems that aren’t yet visible
  • Seeing opportunities that aren’t immediately obvious
  • Working with brands committed to delivering an enviable customer experience

My goals for 2018:

  • Launch a new brand (in the works for a while now) centered around more closely integrating business strategy, content strategy, search and content marketing
  • Become more efficient at sharing ideas, concepts, tactics and strategies that move the needle for brands
  • Hit the range with my M40A5 at least once per month
  • Get on the lake bass fishing at least 25 times
  • Visit Australia

If you think I’m a good fit for working with you/your brand, reach out to me at