As it regards assisting businesses, I have a singular goal: To help brands recognize and enjoy the surest course to success.

In large part that entails getting stakeholders to lose their obsession with the shiny elements of marketing and instead focus on those aspects that’ll move the needle for the brand.

Content Development

Any brand endeavoring to create valuable content for its audience would do well to steal an idea from Greek physician Hippocrates, who famously said, “First, do no harm.”

I work with brands of all sizes to help them recognize the value of worthwhile content, in addition to assisting them in the content creation process.


Teaching is a huge passion of mine.

I’ve found that public speaking is one of the most effective vehicles for exercising this gift, which I use to share ideas and elucidate concepts that enable others to be more effective in their work.

Why Pain Point Removal Is Key to Content Marketing Success

Looking for a marketing angle likely to yield high returns? The solution is right under your nose: pain point removal. Stop selling; start solving problems. Ever have one of those “attempting-to-drink-from-the-fire-hose” moments? Lately, I’ve had more than my fair share, including this one… “You know what I don’t get about content marketing, Ronell?,” said John,…

What is Quality Content?

Quality content is, first and foremost, accurate. If the information you share is not accurate, it cannot be deemed quality content, no matter how well-written, designed or promoted it might be. In that way, quality content is a lot like an atomic clock: known primarily, but not entirely, for its accuracy. There are certainly other…

Why Personal Branding Is Invaluable in the Digital Age

In the digital marketing age, your personal brand is defined by your reputation, your online profile and the content you share. By making it a habit to create and/or share best-in-class content and showing empathy for helping others do better at their jobs or businesses, you’re ensuring your personal brand becomes respected and sought after by…

Practical Tips for Improving Your Grammar and Becoming a Better Writer

Becoming a better writer is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your career, no matter your position, job title or the market you work in. Being able to effectively distill, convey and share your ideas in a succinct fashion and with clarity is the hallmark of top performers in any field….

Web Content Writing and Copywriting Opens Doors to Content Strategy

I’m a writer. Not a web content writer or web copywriter, but a writer, mind you. That sentence, however, tells an incomplete story. The work I do goes well beyond writing to include strategy (content and brand), business coaching, business advisor and speaker. So, you might be thinking, “Why do you call yourself a writer?”…

Customer Experience Is a Superpower For Your Brand’s Content Strategy

Customer experience is the lifeblood of any service- or product-related business. It accounts for the many and varied interactions a prospect or customer has with your brand, before, during and after they do business with you. If the experience is positive, you can earn a customer for life. If the reverse is true, you’ll not…