As it regards assisting businesses, I have a singular goal: To help brands recognize and enjoy the surest course to success.

In large part that entails getting stakeholders to lose their obsession with the shiny elements of marketing and instead focus on those aspects that’ll move the needle for the brand.

Content Development

Any brand endeavoring to create valuable content for its audience would do well to steal an idea from Greek physician Hippocrates, who famously said, “First, do no harm.”

I work with brands of all sizes to help them recognize the value of worthwhile content, in addition to assisting them in the content creation process.


Teaching is a huge passion of mine.

I’ve found that public speaking is one of the most effective vehicles for exercising this gift, which I use to share ideas and elucidate concepts that enable others to be more effective in their work.

3 branding mistakes small businesses must avoid

In my experience of working with hundreds of brands over the last 15+ years, there are three things businesses get wrong when it comes to brand building. And these are businesses of all sizes, not simply small businesses. The No. 1 thing businesses get wrong is in not clearly understanding the value of having a…

Focus on what kills small businesses

In a recent blog, I wrote about the need for small business owners to eat the frog, tackling their most important challenges early and often. Doing so helps better ensure their long-term survival, but it requires attentiveness to what kills small businesses and, more specifically, what poses the greatest threat to their specific business. The…

Learning to eat the frog transforms small businesses

Your top priority as a small business owner: eat the frog. The most important task for a small business owner is to solve the biggest issue impacting your brand at a given time. Yes, there will be many challenges your businesses face at once, but by focusing on the No. 1 most pressing issue you…

What is a worldview for consulting?

As a consultant, your personal brand matters a lot. And a key component of your brand is your worldview. This is not simply a buzzword; it’s a guiding principle that influences your approach to business. Let’s break down what a worldview is, why you need one, and how it can help you attract customers. If…

6 tips: How to get advice from busy experts

Social psychology teaches us that panhandlers asking for specific amounts of money are typically far more likely to receive a handout. A specific ask conveys an effort to complete a clear-cut task, which makes it easier for normally apathetic passersby to assist in what they might now view as a worthwhile effort. This psychology works…

Create an unfair advantage for your small business

How innovation and unique branding give small businesses an unfair advantage I’ve been blessed to work with some amazing brands over the last fifteen years, many of which weren’t even around when I was born. I can still remember sitting at the large conference room table at one of the largest health equipment makers and…