Content Strategy

A sound content strategy can help your brand run circles around the competition. So if you’re tired of wasting time and money creating content that lacks engagement, has a poor ROI, and does not help the bottom line, I can help.  

I only work with a handful of companies at a given time, but I have deep expertise helping SMBs and enterprise brands create content strategies that grow their reach, build loyalty and audience, and grow traffic to their websites.

But if you’re willing to think beyond creating content for content’s sake, I can help.

Content Audit

This is a detailed document delivering an in-depth view of your current content; it includes descriptive and prescriptive advice focused on your brand achieve sustained success.

Content Strategy Plan

With this document, which contains analysis of your brand’s onsite and offsite (i.e., review, online brand mentions, etc.) content, you’ll be able to ideate, design, create, share, and amplify the content and content types that move the needle for your brand. It also includes, but is not limited to, a detailed description of your audience, including where they spend time on line and what content they consume; a style guide; a content brief template for helping teammates and subject matter experts create content; and a content calendar.

Content Strategy Consulting

This is an ongoing effort whereby I am retained to help your team execute the messaging that helps your brand achieve its goals.