Speaker and emcee

Being a speaker and emcee are two activities I enjoy, in large part because it allows me to share the wealth of information I’ve gleaned from working with some of the worlds biggest brands, including Facebook, Automattic, Moz, Medtronic, Hubspot, and many more.

I’ve spoken to groups as small as 25 or as many as 1,500.

The events have ran the gamut from all-day content classes for agencies to keynote speaking at the big, content strategy demos.

The ideas and concepts elucidated during these talks can help you save money, understand fully what content comprises and allow you to enjoy a better content ROI.

I’ve spoken to numerous groups, from a few dozen to more than 1,000, for one-day or multi-day events.

You can expect …

  • A short phone call and quick discussion to best tailor my content to your audience
  • Pre-event announcement detailing the event through my social media channels
  • Pre-event blog post
  • An original presentation
  • Slideshare link to share content with the audience
  • Follow-up blog posts and social sharing

Events where I’ve spoken or been emcee

  • Keynote, Trend Digital Summit, Sioux Falls, S.D: Death to Demise: Everything you know about content marketing is wrong. [deck]
  • Speaker, Digimarcon Startup Cruise, Houston, TX: Where content marketing is headed, and how your brand can get their before the competition. [deck]
  • Emcee, MozCon, Seattle, Wash.
  • Speaker, SearchStars, Malmo, Sweden: Optimize for experience, generate customer love [deck]
  • Speaker, Internet Summit, Raleigh, N.C.: There’s no magic in measurement. [deck}
  • Speaker, Confab, Minnesota, Minn.: Move from the high chair to the boardroom table. [deck]
  • Speaker, SoundBoard, Athens, Ga.: Featured Snippets: Your path to earning traffic, delighting customers and beating the competition. [deck]
  • Emcee CMX Hub Summit.


Me emceeing on day two of the CMX Hub Summit in 2018, which was held in Portland, Oregon.

Feel free to reach out if you’re interested in having me talk to speak or be an emcee at an upcoming event.