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Ronell’s favorite blogs, newsletters, tools, books, etc.

Being a voracious reader, I come across a lot of resources marketers and business owners would also benefit from reading. Frequently, I read and save the articles, then return to them later for use in content I write and share.

I’ll use this page to share some of tmy favorite blogs, tools, newsletters, books, etc.

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  • Slack — Messaging tool that makes collaboration seamless
  • Canva — Makes creating visuals for blogs, presentations and social media posts a breeze
  • Mural — Brainstorming, collaborating and visualization tool
  • Trello — Digital sticky note tool for keeping track of projects and teams
  • Evernote — Simplifies the capture, use and tracking of information
  • Google Docs — Easily keep track of all your documents and information in one place