Ronell Smith — Content Strategist, Writer & Speaker

I help brands create content that earns trust, authority and loyalty.

Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin

Founder, Moz & SparkToro

“Ronell is one of the most tenacious and talented folks I’ve had the privilege to work with at Moz. He brings deep experience in web marketing combined with excellent judgment and a holistic view. Whether it’s reviewing tools and data, crafting content, setting strategy, or programming events, Ronell’s aptitude and attitude add immense value.”

How I can help

Whether you’re using content to grow your audience, increase brand visibility, or capture leads, the journey can be long, messy, and expensive. Let me help you create a content experience that delivers traffic to your website and sales at the till.



Tired of wasting money creating content that lacks engagement, has a poor ROI and doesn’t help you build an audience? I’ll help you define your unique point of difference and outline a solid content strategy that will increase your traffic and bring new customers.

Content Development

The web is crowded with thin, poorly written copy. I can help you stand out from the noise by delivering a best-in-class content experience, one that delights web visitors while boosting your brand’s authority and trust.


Whether you need a keynote speaker for a marketing event or someone to teach a workshop on content to your team, I’m your guy. I’ve spoken to groups as large as 1,500 or as small as a 25-person office. 



Ryan Hoodjer

Ryan Hoodjer

Senior E-commerce Manager, Johnson Health Tech

“Ronell’s vision and passion for the content marketing space helped us shape a clear plan that properly targeted our core customers and decreased overall wasted content expenses. One of the most dangerous parts of any content strategy is not properly identifying the customer and keeping the messages on point. Ronell helped guide us our strategy to make sure our content was something that delighted our future customers.”

Rob Garner

Rob Garner

Head of Content Services, iProspect North America

“Ronell was simply a pleasure to work with. He is trusted by clients, easy-going, smart, and fun to be around. On top of all this, he creates thorough digital and content strategies for clients based on market research, data, and his own keen insight. I highly recommend Ronell’s work, and also his overall attitude and approach to work.”

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