About Me

A Quick Snapshot:

Name: Ronell Smith
Twitter: @RonellSmith
Location: Texas
Work: Digital marketing & content strategy
AKA: Hubby to best wife on earth; father to blondie No. 1 and blondie No. 2
Links: LinkedIn, Medium

ronell smith

Who I am

Hi, I’m Ronell Smith, a digital marketing with a passion for helping brands reach their goals.

With this site I will share ideas and strategies that have the potential to move the needle for your brand. I’ll also use the site to share my experiences of working with brands of all sizes and verticals.

How did I get here?

Without knowing it, my career path was pretty well sealed during the first visit to my high school guidance counselor, when I handed him a list of potential careers, based on my passions:

  • Marine Scout Sniper
  • Neuroscientist
  • Business expert/consultant
  • Coroner

I studied neuroscience in college; M40A5 & M24 sniper rifles are an obsession; and being a digital marketing strategist is about as exciting as it gets for this business strategy nerd. (Coroner was an outlier; dead bodies aren’t my thing.)

I made the right choice.

What I Do

I’ve spent more than two decades helping businesses offline and online, either as a writer, business strategist or as a new product launch strategist and marketing consultant.

Now, as a digital marketing strategist, I work with companies committed to creating create a customer experience their customers will recognize, appreciate, love.

My passion is for helping remove the obstacles keeping individuals and businesses from reaching their full potential.

My purpose is to aid those individuals, teams and brands who are willing to put the needs of those they serve/hope to serve (prospects and customers) ahead of the desires and goals of the brand or organization.

My why is helping individuals, teams and brands enjoy the success they are willing to work for—that is, helping those who are willing to help themselves.

Therefore, my days are spent working with business leaders to discern, define and deploy compelling content, online and offline, which helps them attract and delight prospects and existing customers alike.

I’ve worked with companies of all sizes, from one-person startups to multi-billion-dollar apparel and footwear brands, law firms, hotels, destination travel brands, sporting goods retailers, software companies, financial services firms and moving and storage companies.

What I've Done/Who I've Helped

  • Helped startups launch new brands, assisting with everything from tagline development, mission statements to product names and descriptions, and website design
  • Executive coaching, helping them get up to speed on the digital landscape
  • Led marketing, eCommerce and web design teams as part of projects to overhaul brands’ digital content footprint
  • Educated hundreds of small and midsize business owners on competitive strategy, product innovation, sales management, distribution, PR, price structuring, hiring, sponsorship, communications, media relations and strategic point of difference

What I Can Do For Your Business

If you’re ready to get your online marketing house in order, we should definitely talk. The breadth and depth of my experience makes it possible for me to easily spot hard-to-discern problems, then chart a path that yields the results you’re looking for.

The digital marketing world is a confusing place; don’t go it alone.