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Your Success As A Professional Angler Hinges More On Your Sales And Marketing Skills Than Your Angling Ability

I’m not going to beat around the bush here: If you have aspirations of being a successful professional angler, you MUST drop the notion that all you have to do is catch fish.

I can already see the eye-rolling and hear the comments. “Any angler who consistently catches fish and wins tournaments will surely have sponsors clamoring for him.” I totally agree. Now you think I’m speaking out of both sides of my month, don’t you? Nope.

Sponsors certainly will be drawn to consistent tournament winners. But can you guarantee tournament wins? No. Does your winning a tournament, all by itself, help your sponsor? Not much, if at all.

See, while sponsors are drawn to winners, what they really want are winners who are also tireless promoters.

The angler who can place high in the standings consistently AND who has a knack for connecting with people will always be in demand. Anglers too often forget that the “pro” in pro staffer doesn’t stand for professional. It stands for promotional, and promoting your sponsors products, whether at tournaments, shows or anywhere your angling travels takes you, is job 1. The sooner you realize that, the better off you are.

As someone who has interviewed dozens of sponsors and their staffs, including pro staff managers, I’ve gleaned a great deal of information that can be of great help to both aspiring pros and crusty veterans.

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