A blog is one of the best ways to let the world know your idea or your product or services exists. In fact, each year, writers, thought leaders, small business owners and sundry other creatives credit creating a blog with helping their brand get noticed. So, yes, you should start a blog. 

The challenge for many people revolves around the question of “How do I start a blog?” You’re in luck. After reading this in-depth, actionable how-to guide, you’ll not only know how to create a blog, you’ll also know how to create a blog that earns brand affinity, traffic and, if desired, revenue. The best part is that starting a successful blog is far easier than you think.

“When you’re starting a blog, the best path is keeping it simple: Think about the biggest challenges faced by your audience. Then think, “How can I take their pain away?” For example, if you’re a mommy blogger who wants to help young mothers feel less guilty for going back to work, share your struggles, your successes and your learnings. You could spend 30 minutes on the weekend thinking of ideas under the buckets “struggles,” “successes,” and “learnings,” and have enough ideas for a week or two. And, if you’re concerned some of the ideas don’t seem relatable or interesting, use a grading system: 1 for great, 2 for OK, and three for discard.”

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